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[Toàn Cầu] Cơ Hội Dành Chuyến Đi Đến Đan Mạch Với Cuộc Thi Âm Nhạc Fair Play Competition For Young Bands 2018

Hạn cuối: 2018-8-1

The Fair Play Competition is about original songs by young bands (18-35 years) on the on the theme of anti-corruption, integrity and fighting for social justice. Bands are invited to submit their anti-corruption music videos online and the best two band(s) will be flown to Denmark to perform and participate in the International Anti-corruption Conference (IACC) that takes place in a different country every 2 years.


  • 2 Bands will be selected to perform in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Fair Play: Live concert that takes place in conjunction with the IACC (International Anticorruption Conference) and open for a big headliner! (TBC).
  • Fair Play covers your flightsfoodaccommodation as well as a 500€ fee per band. Bands are expected to cover their own insurance costs, visa fees and additional expenses whilst in Copenhagen.
  • Artists must be available to travel and perform between the 20th to the 25th of October 2018.


  • Fair Play is open to any solo artist, band or group whose members are between 18-35 years of age (on the date of entry) from any nationality, from any country.
  • Groups may consist of no more than 8 members.

Application Process

  • Bands must submit a music video on the theme of corruption.
  • The winners will be announced on the Fair Play website on Monday the 20th of August 2018. 
  • Winners will be notified by telephone and/or email.


  • All songs must be original (no covers).

  • Entries may present edited or live video footage (no photo slideshows).

  • All songs must address in some manner the theme of the competition: anti-corruption, integrity and fighting for social justice.

  • The video must present only one (1) song (no compilations).

  • Lyrics may be in any language but all artists are required to submit an English translation of the lyrics with their entry.

  • Artists must submit the lyrics for English language entries as well.

Application Deadline: 1st August, 2018 (11PM GMT+7)


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